Anti Bullying Ambassadors

““We are a group of mixed aged students here to listen, take action and potentially prevent bullying from one or more students. We all wear a specific `A` shaped blue badge and you can come to anyone of us with whatever problem you may have with this specific topic.””

About us

Outwood Academy Ormesby are very proud to present our qualified Anti-Bullying Ambassadors, in association with the Diana Awards. To find out more about the Diana Awards Association follow the link
Our ambassadors work hard to ensure they tackle any problems to do with bullying in our school and ensure that all students have someone to talk to if they have witnessed any type of bullying.
How to identify who the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors are:
The key students to look out for are:
• Ellie Oldfield – Y8
• Connor Errington – Y8
• Kaci Taylor – Y9
• Marsha Hughes – Y11
• Kacie Dallas – Y10
• Thomas Llewellyn – Y11

They all wear a badge so that they are clearly identifiable:

Things to look out for:
• Our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors will lead the assemblies from Tues 18th- Thurs 20th.
• The VMG project sessions for next half-term have been planned by our ambassadors.
• We meet every week on a Thursday in enrichment time in C7 so please come along to discuss any concerns/ideas.
• We will be completing a whole-school questionnaire on bullying next half-term.