Welcome to the History Department at Outwood Academy Ormesby

History means, in its simplest form: the past. However, it is also about what historians have actually written about the past. It provides us with a way to make sense of current affairs. The study of History is critically important, as everything which is happening around us has been influenced by, and is a direct result of, that which preceded it. In this way, the study of History is explicitly relevant to all of us.


In every one of our academies a vast number of after- academy enrichment activities take place each week. Students are provided with opportunities to add depth to their learning and develop personal skills through a rich and varied enrichment programme.

Students will have the chance to enjoy new experiences and consolidate their timetabled learning through this programme. Further detailed information on the opportunities available to students can be found in the academy’s Enrichment Brochure by clicking HERE

Monday – KS3 History C1 & C9
Friday – Y11 GCSE History C1 & C9

GCSE History Revision

SMSC (Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural)

• Social, moral spiritual and cultural awareness of students are being developed this term through the study of equality is frequently a theme in lessons, and various topics include the study of various topics of race and religion, including: Immigration in 1920s USA, The Reformation, Civil Rights Movement, Abolition of Slavery, Political changes during the Victorian Era, the Cold War and spreading of ideologies

Topics are applied to today frequently in discussions, encouraging students to look at the world around them and understand how to promote equality and fairness.

• Many topics within the History Curriculum focus on race, culture and equality, such as; The Abolition of Slavery, Political Changes, Immigration,

• Authentic accounts of people’s opinions in the past are shared, including the discussion of race and culture, such as; Immigration, the Ku Klux Klan, Arguments for and against the Abolition of the Slave Trade.

• The inclusion of various sources in lessons are used frequently; paintings, photographs, newspaper articles, sculptures, drawings, monuments, memorials, etc, to encourage cultural awareness

Displays within the department showcase cultural values by showing posters, images, photographs of the past.

• The History Curriculum includes the study of democracy at different points in the past. Topics and study include; The Feudal System, The Peasants Revolt, The Reformation, the Civil War, the Commonwealth, Abolition of the Slave Trade, Reforms in the Victorian Era, The USA and democracy, The Cold War ideologies, Hitler’s Foreign Policy in the build up to WW2

• British values are studied at various points in the History Curriculum, including the important of democracy

Various faiths and beliefs are studied to promote understanding and tolerance

Latest Work

There has been some fantastic work taking place in the Bridge relating to Black History Month!