Welcome to the Performing Arts Department at Outwood Academy Ormesby

“I wish I could do this course again”

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will”

George Bernard Shaw

Key Stage 3 Overview

At key stage 3 we look to develop basic skills and confidence across 3 key disciplines. The work that is completed in KS3 will prepare all students for the rigour of KS4 should they wish to continue onto a BTEC or GCSE in Performing Arts.
Students will develop their ability to think creatively, work as part of a team as well as the skill of public speaking and presentation. Performing Arts is not simply about acting. It allows young people to develop a range of transferable skills useful throughout life.

KS3 Music In More Detail

KS3 music allows students to develop their performance, composition and apprising skills. This is achieved through practical and hands on lessons. Students get to explore a wide range of instrument and learn keyboard, ukulele and percussion skills in both solo and group performance work. As well as learning instruments, students to to explore a wide range of music from classical to jazz, musical theatre to film and how skills are passed between genres of music.

KS3 - Music


KS3 - Drama


Key Stage 4 Overview

At KS4 we deliver the BTEC Performing Arts course in either Acting or Dance. This gives students a real opportunity to deepen their skills and mature their style of performance. Again this course is not necessarily for students who wish to become actors and is useful to anyone who wishes to develop personal confidence, the ability to work creatively as a team and often helps with problem solving skills and resilience.
The 2 year course focuses on developing and building skills before completing core units. Units 2 and 3 are marked in house and moderated. Unit 1 is an externally marked exam with a brief that changes each year.

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Enrichment Opportunities

Monday – Choir
Wednesday – Keyboard Academy
Thursday – Musical Theatre Club

SMSC (Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural)

Music – Styles from other cultures- exploring a range of music from across varying continents and looking at how it influences modern day Music.
Drama – styles from other cultures – Looking at how different countries and historical periods view the purpose of theatre.
Blood Brothers – concept of conscience, decision making and social pressures.
Britpop – Whilst looking at a piece of British music history we also look at the concept of celebrity and privacy.


Mrs K Mitchell – Head of Department and Associate Assistant Principal
Mr J Mitchell – Teacher of Music