Sandrine French, Assistant Principal

Sandrine started her teaching career working as a Foreign Language Assistant at Prior Pursglove College. She also taught French classes for Middlesbrough Adult Education Service and Stockton & Billingham College. She trained for her PGCE at Durham University and started working at Bydales School in 2001 as a Languages Teacher. After two years, she became Citizenship coordinator and the following year she had the opportunity to gain more pastoral experience by becoming Head of Year. When this role changed to House Learning Manager, she was able to concentrate more on students’ progress and achievement and get a better understanding of whole school issues and leadership.
The Deeps system of Outwood Academy opened up new opportunities for her and in September 2014, she was appointed Associate Assistant Principal for Deep Experience at Outwood Academy Bydales and the following year she became Acting Assistant Principal for Deep Learning.

She joined Outwood Academy Ormesby in July 2016 as Assistant Principal for Deep Support and she is looking forward to contributing to the success of the students here. She strongly believes that all students are entitled to a fair system and should be given excellent life chances and opportunities to gain confidence and develop skills to be successful.