About Us

Outwood Academy Ormesby is based in the large, friendly, north-east town of Middlesbrough.

We are a welcoming and supportive academy, with a relentless determination to provide the very best education for every child. We place students at the centre of everything we do, with a focus on creating a culture of success and a positive climate for learning.

The Academy became part of the Outwood Family of Schools in 2015 and as a member of the Outwood Family we believe in putting Students First, raising standards and transforming lives.

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Leadership Team

Chief Executive
Sir Martyn Oliver
Chief Executive Principal
Julie Slater
Executive Principal
Lynn James
Associate Executive Principal
Gemma Trattles
Associate Principal
Sheriden Hutchinson-Jones
Vice Principal
Craig Wright
Associate Vice Principal
James Bridge
Associate Vice Principal
Anthony Hern
Business Manager
Donna Garvin
Assistant Principal
Charlotte Fryett
Assistant Principal
Samantha Herron
Assistant Principal
Hayley Rudd
Assistant Principal
James Zielinski
Associate Assistant Principal
Alexandra Arnold
Associate Assistant Principal
Shannen Henderson

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