Year 10/11 Parents Evening 20/04/2021

Tue 13 Apr 2021
Our next parents evening is only for parents of Year 10 and 11 students. Owing to the pandemic, this will be taking place virtually using our new piece of online software, SchoolCloud, between 4 and 6pm next Tuesday, 20th April.
Parents need to set up an account on the SchoolCloud website. We've included a guide of how to do this below.
Parents will then be able to book appointments with their son/daughter's teachers.

If you have any issues, we have also included some how-to videos. These can be accessed by clicking here

If you have any queries, please email Jonathan Tait, our exams and data officer:


In order to ensure everyone can see their teachers, the Science Department have published guidance on who students should book an appointment with. The list is included below.

11X1 - Mrs Ball
11X2 - Miss McGrath
11X3 - Mrs York
11X4 - Miss Heald
11Y1 - Miss Honeyford
11Y2 -  Mrs Taylor
11Y3 - Mrs Windross

10X1 - Miss Heald
10X2 - Mrs Windross
10X3 - Mrs Ball
10X4 - Miss McGrath
10Y1 - Mrs Taylor
10Y2 -  Miss Honeyford
10Y3 - Miss Heald