Prom Information

Thu 17 Feb 2022
Year 11 Prom 
I am pleased to inform you that a date has been set for Year 11 to celebrate Prom this year. The  Prom will take place Wednesday 29th June 2022 at Judges at Kirklevington Hall. We have not been able to confirm this until now given the nature of the ongoing pandemic and restrictions on events. 
This week we will be launching our Prom Passport Scheme within school. The prom passport will run from after half term until the Easter break. 
Students will need to meet the prom passport  criteria in order to be eligible to go to the prom.  
Prom Passport Scheme: 
During the Prom Passport Scheme students will be asked for next half term to reach the following  targets: 
● 0 Exclusions  
● No more than 5% late to the academy or lessons next half term 
● No more than 10 C4’s next half term  
● 95% attendance next half term 
● Attend 15 Enrichments next half term 
There will also be opportunities for students to win money off the prom ticket at various times in  the half term.  
Prom will cost each student £25 per person and this will include a barbeque in the ground. 
More information is available from Ms Wilden here: