Forbidden Corner Trip

Wed 04 Oct 2023
Pupils from years 8, 9, 10 and 11 have recently been on a trip to ‘Forbidden Corner’ following outstanding results in the United Kingdom Maths Trust (UKMT) challenge last term. The top performing mathematicians in years 7, 8, 9 and 10 were invited to compete from all over the country for a variety of different level certificates. This opportunity is particularly fantastic to be a part of due to the revered admiration those in the mathematics community have for it, as well as the hugely positive impact it has on not only maths skills, but also pupil confidence and social relationships.
Miss Bagley (Maths) commented that the results achieved by pupils of Outwood Academy Ormesby were “some of the highest” she had ever seen, even going so far as to highlight one particular pupil’s success in being awarded a gold certificate. This is fantastic work, especially given that this accolade is only usually awarded to less than 9% of competing applicants.

Forbidden Corner is a popular tourist attraction in the Yorkshire Dales National Park where visitors can explore mazes, tunnels, chambers and a four acre garden. The pupils spent the entire day here, excitedly rushing from one place to the next and acting as tour guides for their favourite places to make sure staff had an equally enjoyable experience. Throughout the day, pupils “represented the school in an exemplary manner” and made a particular point of thanking kind staff for organising the experience.  Some of our year 11 boys particularly enjoyed the ‘Singing Mice’ before spending thirty minutes lost in a maze. Although the entire trip was by all accounts an amazing day, it seems as if the most popular activity took place in the ‘Mausoleum’ where pupils hid around dark corners in order to scare poor Miss Pennington!

Pupils’ efforts, engagement and enthusiasm throughout this competition, as well as all of the hard work that led up to it, is a shining example of how hard working, intelligent and resilient our pupils are. We are so proud to call them ours!