Sporting Success!

Sun 15 Oct 2023
Four Ormesby students have trialled for the Middlesbrough school football squad and managed to get a place on the team. 

Middlesbrough schools district annually invites pupils from all over the area to trial for the local team and Frankie (Y7), Jenson (Y8), Tommy (Y8) and Evie (Y9) took part in a competition against approximately forty pupils who are all considered to be the best in their year groups. This is an annual trial and success is not easily achieved; out of the entire academy, these four pupils were selected to be the best at the sport and then selected again by the Middlesbrough district team manager to represent the area. 

Mr Douglas has commented that “Our students managed to make the squad of 18 in each of their year groups which is a massive achievement considering how many students attend these trials” which perfectly encapsulates the magnitude of our pupils’ achievements.

These matches will take place predominantly on Friday nights and Saturday mornings where fixtures will be played against other districts from Stockton all the way up to Newcastle. Around eight to nine matches will be played each school year, as well as cup games too. We are sure our students will continue to make us proud - congratulations to all four of you!