Rewards Event

Thu 09 Nov 2023
Students with 100% attendance and exceptional exemplifications of astoundingly positive behaviour have been rewarded with an in-school praise event. 

139 pupils from across all year groups were invited to enjoy a Halloween film with plenty of popcorn and sweet treats to dive into as a result of fantastic conduct in lessons in the classroom and around the academy. This can be anything from showing kindness to other pupils and staff to being noticed as a pupil who always tries their best in lessons. Through demonstrating our academy values, these pupils have made themselves (and all of us here at Outwood Ormesby) very proud. 

These students were delighted to have been involved in such an event and have hugely impressed teaching staff, parents and peers. With around 900 pupils currently attending the academy, this is a great start to the school year and an amazing way to encourage other pupils to follow in their footsteps! ‘Hotel Transylvania’ seemed to be a good choice and a real people pleaser - the pupils loved it; Alfie (Y9) says the afternoon was “spectacular!”.

Well done to all of the pupils who were invited, as well as those who were nearly there! Ms Wright is excited to offer another, even bigger, rewards event for pupils at the end of half term. The next event is due to fall just before Christmas, so there is plenty of time for pupils to put the effort in now and reap the rewards before we break up!